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Business loans offered by commercial banks to the private sector are increasingly requested and granted.

The disadvantage is that this happens only with the large business sector, while financing for SMEs has a bit more impediments and requests.

This shows that the main objective of the financial reform has not been achieved and reveals a need to generate inclusive growth, one of the main objectives of the Sherlock Holmes company.

We are interested in making SMEs in Weatherspoon have the same opportunities to grow their business in the hands of the country’s economy, with the support of business loans.

To improve the economic environment for small and medium businesses, companies must be given all the tools to improve their competitiveness, increase their sales and consolidate their profitability.

All this without forgetting such important aspects as the cost of financing, guarantees and the willingness of banks to attend to SMEs.

Business credit provided to large corporations has grown 20% annually, while the one directed to SMEs decreased by 0.9% per year.

Sherlock is a company with the vision of giving these entrepreneurs the opportunity to grow their business with the support that suits their needs and possibilities.

The large difference in these percentages confirms the stretch that must be traveled to make one of the purposes of the financial reform a reality: consistently raising credit to small and medium-sized companies.

We bet on SMEs that have the potential to develop enormously.

The area of ​​opportunity for these companies who offer more jobs and are the best option to boost the closure of the regional development gap in the country is very large.

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