1 awesome star worked in the Florida Senate

Netflix is ​​emerging as a reality TV empire, with shows like Sell ​​Tampa. The series is a spin-off of another hit series from the streaming service, Sunset sale. However, the real estate teams of both series have only one connection.

In the Netflix spin-off, one of the stars is Tennille Moore. She flourished as a real estate agent, and now she entertains viewers with her ability to sell great homes in Tampa. However, Moore’s career took her to her state Senate before she even joined the real estate industry.

Tennille Moore’s background is in real estate like many other cast members of “Selling Tampa”

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Sell ​​Tampa made Moore more famous. However, she’s more than just a reality star on Netflix. A look at her LinkedIn The profile shows that Moore started working as a real estate agent in 2019. Although her status on her page indicates that she is self-employed, she provides services to Allure Realty.

Allure Realty consists of an all-black, all-female staff. Moore works under the direction of Founder and CEO Sharelle Rosado, and she has several other colleagues. Moore has worked with numerous clients and has focused on several locations in Florida.

The company has been successful enough to expand into the Miami and Charlotte real estate markets. Moore’s previous job gave her insight into the community and helped her be successful. The main reason she ended up Sell ​​Tampa is because of its association with Allure Realty.

People can watch Moore serve up luxury and drama for eight episodes. Whether the show gets another season, the reality TV star already has a professional job planned.

Tennille Moore worked in the Florida Senate for years

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The 45-year-old Florida native is the kind of person who goes the extra mile. On TV and on social media, you can see Moore is a smart and successful person. In fact, she has worked in politics for over a decade. According to Cosmopolitan, she was employed in the State Senate.

In 2005, Moore began as a legislative assistant in the Florida House of Representatives. Some of his roles likely included supporting lawmakers in drafting laws, providing legal services, and creating legal notes. Moore remained legislative assistant until November 2016.

That same year, Moore became chief legislative assistant to the Florida Senate. She likely continued to help draft laws as well as set other political priorities. Moore likely had ties to various politicians in the Senate. Then, until May 2021, she was Chief Legislative Assistant.

Tennille Moore is also a mother of three.

Like his colleagues from Sell ​​Tampa, Moore helps sell luxury homes on the Tampa, Florida waterfront. It also mixes the useful with the pleasant and offers viewers a bit of drama. But the tension is mainly between realtors, not clients.

Moore also acquired some wealth. According to Cinema addict, she has a net worth of around $ 1 million. Her Instagram profile indicates that she is the CEO of CreditPro as a “Certified Credit Repair Specialist”.

Moore is also a mother of three and posts about her personal life on Instagram sometimes. Real estate agent’s daughter Ja’Niyah Moore just graduated from the University of Florida in the spring of 2021. Tennille also supports the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and President Joe Biden.

Of course, she also enjoys sharing posts on things related to work. Although Moore gave a glimpse into her life, she had kept most of it more or less private. If she becomes more famous thanks to the Netflix series, fans could learn even more.

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