$13,416 in scholarships awarded to scholarship recipients

Caption: Scholarship recipients Haylee Grytdal, Raimee Bouvette, Madison Moon, Carmen Kiewert, Gannon Cotter, Adeleine Shroyer, Ilee Stone, Kip Pagac, Jared Scott, Joseph Fausti, Ryan Porter, Xandria Moss, Cayli Chapman and Leah Bryant at the Shining Star Soirée rewards. (Names are not in order)

Photo by: Stacey Lewis

Deer Park Dollars for Scholars (DPDS) presented sixteen scholarships to fourteen students at the Shining Star Award night at Deer Park High School this year.

DPDS is a non-profit scholarship foundation that assists students as a resource for college financial aid. Dollars for Scholars was founded in 2001 and serves graduates of the Deer Park School District.

How scholarships are awarded

Students can apply for local and national scholarships through the DPDS website, as it is affiliated with Scholarship America. Submission of an application is done online, and only one application is needed to apply for all available scholarships. Seniors must apply before April to be considered.

Although seniors are encouraged to apply for multiple scholarships, the council ensures that the awards are distributed evenly by selecting a different student for each available scholarship and coordinating winners with other scholarships in the community that are not affiliated with Dollars for Scholars.

Prize funds are sent directly to the school each senior will attend. Select Dollars for Scholars college partners will match student prizes. Each award will be supported by financial aid from a student’s unmet need, after an institution’s grants and loans have been applied. Aid from an institution will not be replaced by scholarships awarded by DPDS, so that students do not lose money for their tuition fees.

2022 scholarships awarded:

Haylee Grytdal
Thomas B. Baker Scholarship $2,022

Ramée Bouvette
James T. Baker Scholarship $2,022

Madison Moon
Beryl V. Baker Scholarship $2,022

Carmen Kiewert
Horizon Credit Union $1,000 and Max Sanchez Memorial Scholarship $200

Gannon Cotter
Horizon Credit Union $1,000

Adeline Shroyer
Friends of Deer Park Library $1,000

Pierre Island
Friends of Deer Park Library $1,000

Kip Pagac
Dollars for Scholars Hearts Fund Award $500 and Max Sanchez Memorial Scholarship $200

Jared Scott
Dollars for Scholars Hearts Fund Award $500

Joseph Faust
$500 Porter Family Memorial Scholarship

Ryan Porter
Bonnie Remington Memorial Scholarship $500

Xandria Moss
Creativity and Involvement Scholarship, Dreamers (CID) $400

Cayli Chapman
Deer Park Auto Freight Reward $300

Lea Bryant
Bob-Mart price $250

Congratulations to these students! Wishing them the best in their future endeavours.

Volunteers and donations sought

DPDS is looking for volunteers to help with fundraising events, maintain the DPDS website, solicit donations, etc. Meetings take place once or twice a year.

Donations can be made online at deerpark.dollarsforscholars.org or mailed directly to:

Deer Park Dollars for Academics
Box 1241
Deer Park, WA 99006.

For more information, to sponsor a specific scholarship, donate or volunteer, please contact:

Stacey Lewis
Phone: 509-710-5459
E-mail: [email protected]

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