Aboneaaj seeks to give back to community with county commission management

Mo Aboneaaj

DAVISON TWP. —Mo Aboneaaj seeks the Democratic spot on the ballot for the 9th District County Commission seat currently held by Gary Peppin, (D-Davison), who is not seeking a second term.

Aboneaaj, 47, a loan officer with Cason Home Loans, once ran for Davison Township administrator but said he thinks the redistricting has given District 9 a different framework to focus not only on south Davison, but also on other communities.

“I’ve been part of this district, literally, my whole life,” he said. “I have lived or worked…in District 9 for 47 years and thought this would be a great way to serve the community, the county, the district on a bigger platform than I even imagined. .”

Speaking to voters in the district, Aboneaaj said county-level fund allocation is one of the main topics of interest to those he spoke with during the campaign.

Parks and recreation, he said, is another top concern for people fresh out of the pandemic who want to be able to spend time outdoors, enjoying nature and the amenities of county parks. of Genesee.

“People want to take advantage of these windows of opportunity to get out,” Aboneaaj said. “It’s something people can do, and it doesn’t take a lot of money. It is important to maintain the integrity of public parks and recreation.

He said Genesee County retirees also fear their retirement benefits will be cut due to budget cuts.

They were promised that if they put in a certain number of years, that’s what they would get in return during their retirement years, he said.

Another major voter concern, Aboneaaj said, is about roads and while it may sound cliché, he said people were rightfully tired of bad roads in the county and wanted something done about it.

“What’s the timeline and if they’ve already started construction, when is that going to happen,” he said. “Obviously that has even been a key point, even from the governor. You see it all over the state of Michigan on highways and major roads.

Aboneaaj said elderly care is also a concern for voters, including affordable housing, access to proper medication, transportation and general elderly care.

“I would like to keep the focus on our seniors,” he said. “It is our responsibility as public servants to make sure our children are safe and our elders are taken care of.”

Aboneaaj, a single father of three, said he got into running for the 9th District as a way to give back and impact the community where he lives and help others.

“If you’re going to live there, why not be all in it?” he said. “It’s more than paying taxes. Get involved and try to make a difference.

He said his background in finance, having worked for more than 20 years for Dort Federal Credit Union and now with Cason Home Loans, puts him in the local housing market and allows him to take a closer look at the county budget. .

“I am familiar with balance sheets, annual budgets, operating expenses, fixed costs and I really analyze that and prepare for next year,” Aboneaaj said. “So I had a lot of experience working with budgets and finance. I came into contact with owners, decision makers and business owners, which allowed me to gain considerable experience.

Aboneaaj said if he won, he would like to stay in the office long enough to make a difference so he could leave knowing he was leaving the 9th District in good shape.

“Everything I do today helps prepare me for tomorrow,” he said. “I would like to lay the groundwork for the years to come…so whoever comes in behind me has a good foundation to work from.”

Aboneaaj will face Democratic opponents Michelle Davis, Jenessa Phillips and Patrick Land in the Aug. 2 primary for a chance to be the Democratic nominee in November.

Sue Hopper of Mt. Morris is running unopposed in the primary for the Republican ticket.

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