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Arizona Serve, an AmeriCorps program at Prescott College, is becoming the solution for seniors on Social Security and those residing in Housing & Urban Development (HUD) units looking to supplement their income without risking increasing their cost of living. life by serving as AmeriCorps volunteers.

AmeriCorps is a national community service program that engages millions of volunteers, nationwide, in a variety of projects aimed at reducing poverty and strengthening American communities through education, health, or safety. In the Quad-City area, this program is facilitated by Arizona Serve.

“I live in a HUD income based apartment and my Social Security only covers my living expenses with very little left over for savings or emergencies,” said Margaret, a Quad-City resident and alumni of AmeriCorps. “My car needs repairs to get back on the road and the situation was dire until I discovered the AmeriCorps program in Prescott.”

AmeriCorps opportunities range from part-time to full-time. Volunteers will receive a living allowance (in bi-weekly installments) for their period of service, totaling between $ 2,823 and $ 16,000. Volunteers also win a Segal Prize for Education between $ 1,374.60 and $ 6,495. This can be used to pay off student loans, cover educational / professional expenses, and in some cases can be transferred to a family member.

Money earned through AmeriCorps is a federally mandated HUD income exclusion under the National and Community Services Act of 1990. This means that income earned through AmeriCorps cannot be counted as income for anyone residing in HUD accommodation or seeking to reside in HUD accommodation. Social Security also excludes income earned through the AmeriCorps service.

Currently, Arizona Serve is seeking to fill several part-time AmeriCorps volunteer positions with local nonprofits and government agencies. Some of these organizations include People Who Care, the Arizona Philharmonic Orchestra, and the Prescott Unified School District. These positions range from 8 to 20 hours per week, ranging from gardening and COVID-19 relief work to teaching technology to the elderly.

“In addition to filling our current positions, we are looking to create more partnerships with nonprofits and government organizations in the Quad-Cities,” said Mona Stephens, AmeriCorps program and marketing manager at Arizona Serve. “AmeriCorps is truly a win-win solution for everyone involved and anyone 17 years of age or older can join! “

For more information on AmeriCorps opportunities in the region, how to apply, or how to obtain AmeriCorps volunteers for your organization, contact Mona Stephens at [email protected] or 928-350-3223.

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