More than 60% of adult children say inflation is hurting their aging parents, AAG survey finds

“Older Americans are feeling the effects of inflation, and their children worry that their parents won’t have enough money to live through their retirement years,” said AAG’s chief marketing officer. Martin Lenoir. “With the current economic environment, it’s no surprise that the majority of adult children are now supportive of their parents tapping into the equity in their homes. For many seniors, their home is their most valuable asset. valuable and maybe it’s time to start using it.”

The data shows Adult children worry financially for their aging parents:

  • The majority of adult children fear that inflation will harm their parents’ situation. 62% of adult children say they are worried about the impact of inflation on their parents’ finances.
  • Half of adult children think their parents will have to move into their house at some point. 50% of adult children say they expect their parents to move into their home in their later years.
  • More than a third of adult children fear that their parents’ financial problems will fall on them. 35% of adult children say they fear that their parents will become a financial burden on them at some point.
  • Nearly half of adult children are already worried about their parents’ financial situation. 43% of adult children say they are worried about their parents’ financial situation.
  • Half of adult children don’t know how much debt their parents have accumulated. 50% of adult children said they don’t know how much debt their parents currently have.
  • Most adult children believe that the equity in their parents’ home could be a financial solution. 60% of adult children said they were in favor of their parents using their home equity to fund their later years.
  • More than three-quarters of parents have never talked to their children about using their home equity. 76% of adult children said they had never considered using their home equity to fund their retirement years.

To read the full results of the AAG Adult Child Survey, visit the link below:

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The AAG’s survey of adult children was conducted on May 12, 2022, and included 1,510 participants. Responses include many formats, including yes and no answers, ranking preferences, and multiple-choice answers. The survey was conducted on a digital platform so that participants from all parts of the United States could respond from the safety of their homes. All participants were randomly selected, with age and parental ownership being the only qualifying factors.

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