Net terms become relic as B2B e-commerce payments evolve, making short-term financing more accessible


LOS ANGELES, May 20, 2021 / PRNewswire / – With the growing popularity of Buy Now, Pay Later, new payment options are increasing their importance in the $ 1.3T world of B2B e-commerce transactions. Credit key, the B2B e-commerce payment solution, follows the sustained momentum of BNPL, with buyers moving towards terms of 6 to 12 months, regardless of their credit quality.

“Net 30, net 60 and traditional credit card payments are no longer the default payments at checkout, especially online,” said John tomich, CEO of Credit Key. “Buyers are increasingly drawn to BNPL, and we’re seeing this across B2B e-commerce, as customers of our merchants choose to pay over time, even for small purchases.”

Credit Key currently offers a free net 30 program at checkout, but buyers choose a longer payment 90% of the time. Data from Credit Key shows that 12-month terms are most popular with the most creditworthy borrowers, with 67% choosing this option when opting for BNPL and 20% choosing the six-month option. Six-month terms are favored by 37 percent of borrowers with average creditworthiness, of which 19 percent opt ​​for 12-month terms. As for borrowers with below-average creditworthiness, around 70% are attracted to six-month terms.

“All borrowers, regardless of their credit quality, prefer the longer BNPL terms and opt for this payment solution over traditional options such as net terms and the much longer 24-month financing standard,” said added Tomich. “We are also seeing an increase in the average order size as buyers extend their BNPL shelf life to six and 12 months.”

By increasing the ease with which businesses can pay over time, Credit Key merchants learn that buyers don’t reserve BNPL just for large purchases. Looking only at activity in its six-month loan category among companies with average credit scores, Credit Key notes an average order value of $ 3,208 with the minimum order value reaching as low as $ 18. This indicates that professional buyers, who historically would never consider financing a purchase as small as $ 18, do it as a simple cash management measure.

Credit Key offers an alternative payment solution to B2B merchants in a variety of business categories. These solutions improve the customer experience upon departure. The proprietary Credit Key process enables instant approval which provides buyers with an attractive point-of-sale financing tool. The credit key coincides with other payment options at checkout, but it offers better terms to the buyer and poses no risk to the merchant. Credit Key assumes the credit risk and all loan service, and qualified buyers benefit from transparent payment plans and competitive rates.

Of more than $ 9T of B2B payments processed annually in the United States, only $ 1.3T of payments are made online. But B2B e-commerce payments are growing rapidly and are expected to reach $ 1.8T in the next two years. As it is, small and medium-sized businesses account for half of all B2B payments, or around $ 4.5T.

About the credit key
Launched in 2017, Credit Key is a B2B financial services technology company that enables merchants to offer a buy now pay later function which is perfectly integrated into the cash register. The proprietary Credit Key process facilitates lightning-fast funding approval which is unique in the B2B space and helps merchants drive sales, revenue and conversions. Merchants equipped with a credit key also benefit from immediate payment, unmatched ROI through better AOV, and increased customer loyalty. To start working with Credit Key, please visit

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