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We were honored to interview Early Walker, a leading entrepreneur and philanthropist you should know. Mr. Early owns a towing business, W&W towing. His company is featured on Has been hit tv show Agitation and towing. He shares his humble beginnings and his journey in business ventures. He also shares how he helped residents of Texas and Memphis during their winter water crisis earlier this year. He also works to reduce violence in Chicago and has been dubbed by many “Chicago’s Secret Angel”. Watch our interview with him exclusively on Celebrity Myxer!

Entrepreneurship is no stranger to this businessman. He was treated this way because his father owned an electricity company. Walker shares with us that this particular career path was not for him, but he started a different business that led him to the towing industry.

First states one of the big challenges he faced the start of this towing business was “lack of credit knowledge”. Credit is important for creating generational wealth. We understand the value of it, hence why we have partnered with credit repair experts to help those in need. In fact, the education received is almost as valuable as the repair service!

Early Walker featured on Celebrity Myxer

Walker is not only helping those in need in Chitown, but is branching out nationwide. As mentioned, he recently helped aid residents of Texas and Tennessee when they experienced a water scarcity crisis during the winter.

“We are fortunate to be a blessing to others and this is how you will continue to reap these benefits.”

Early Walker featured on A&E ‘Hustle & Tow’

Mr. Walker has an interesting story about how his company got selected for the reality show. Check it out in our interview with him. He enjoys the cable streaming TV show because it shows just how bad guy tow truck drivers are. In fact, these drivers are often the first responders. And sometimes, they can be the only responders to help people in an emergency.

“When we think people aren’t looking… they definitely are looking!”

Watch his crew in several episodes of Season 1; including episodes 3, 9, and ten at A&E. Discover the trailer for Agitation and towing

Through his philanthropic endeavors with other business leaders, Early earned the nickname Chicago’s Secret Angel. This moniker stuck because he has helped others so much, but many may not have heard from him personally. This is why we have chosen to highlight it on Celebrity Myxer!

We can’t wait to see more of Early Walker’s great work in the community and on TV. If you know someone who is making great strides in their community, let us know so we can introduce them Celebrity Myxer!

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