Vanquish Ventures Inc. Offers Debt Relief For Medical Bills

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / October 5, 2021 / Vanquish Ventures Inc. is a company that helps individuals repair their credit. The company works to eliminate the medical debt of people who owe more than $ 25,000. Because health insurance is expensive and complicated, people usually choose the more affordable plans. Unfortunately, the most affordable plans have high deductibles. Many procedures and services are not covered by these plans. This is when medical expenses can get out of hand, and if patients cannot cover the costs, they are sent to debt collection. “This is where we come in and take it out,” says Vanquish Ventures. “We have written off over $ 10 million in medical debt from collections that people do not have to pay off.”

Credit and medical debt reports

Until recently, medical debt affected a person’s credit report like any other type of debt. Now, credit bureaus must wait at least six months to submit a medical debt. Additionally, some credit bureaus have changed their algorithms to identify the difference between medical debt and other types of debt.

Medical bills are something most people have no choice but the debt will be too much to pay off. This means that the list of medical debts on a credit report does not accurately represent a person’s ability to take out and repay loans. Usually, medical debt is related to an unforeseen event and is inevitable. This does not mean, however, that the debt is going away. People are greatly affected by their inability to pay these debts.

Laws regarding medical bills

Vanquish Ventures Inc provides assistance to help resolve existing credit issues that are preventing people from obtaining home loans, car loans, credit cards, etc. The company explains that it can remove medical debts from credit reports due to violations of credit laws within the hospital system. . Once we have notified the collections, these agencies are obligated to remove the debt from the customer’s credit report. “A lot of people don’t know about these laws and collection agencies take advantage of patients, forcing them to pay or garnish their wages,” the Vanquish Ventures team explains. “We work directly with the credit bureaus. Once the debt cannot be proven due to inaccuracies, the debt is deleted.

Medical bills and debts are stressful and can cause massive damage, leading to instability issues, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic. The stress was further compounded for people who had to be hospitalized. Without some form of help, the debt will stay on your credit report and collections will keep trying to collect it. Vanquish Ventures works around the clock to make sure that they help as many people as possible to erase their credit. The team responds to no less than 800 referral requests per day.

Vanquish Ventures helps people get approved for home loans, car loans, credit cards, and more by repairing their credit. The privately held company now has over 200 brokers across the country and a strong sales team dedicated to changing people’s lives. “We love what we do and the rewards that come with it,” says Vanquish Ventures. “Everything you need in life revolves around credit. Cars, houses, loans, credit cards are all about credit.

SEO-based clientele

Vanquish Ventures helps anyone in need of celebrity and athlete debt relief trying to improve their finances to anyone currently in debt. It relieves their shoulders and gives them peace of mind. “First, we ask for the customer’s Credit Karma or Equifax information, so we can look at their credit report and look for any negatives, then we make a plan and go from there,” the company explains. It’s so easy. “We’re SEO-based, so it’s easy for someone to trust us when someone else who recommended them has gone through the process. “

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